Leather AirTag Case Template

Leather AirTag Case Template

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Heads up! You can get this template for free over on my main website by clicking here and filling out a quick form. However, if you'd like to show your appreciation for the work that went into creating it, you can purchase a copy on this page. Thank you for your consideration!

This is a great beginners leatherworking project! The digital download includes both a PDF and a Lightburn file. Everything you needed to build the project is described in the PDF, but you'll at least need a 2-3 mm thick piece of veg-tanned leather, some wax coated thread, and the tools to assemble.

No physical AirTag or AirTag case will be provided. This is a digital product, provided as a one-page PDF and Lightburn file. You are free to use it as many times as you want!

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