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Eggplant Charcuterie Board

Eggplant Charcuterie Board

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ūüćÜ Your favorite emoji,¬†brought to life as a charmingly cheeky charcuterie board.

Perfect for your favorite¬†fruits, crackers and cheeses. Oh, and of course meat. ūüėČ

At your next gathering, watch your friends blush as they feast their eyes on this hardwood serving board. It also makes a great gift for the those eggplant aficionados in your life.

The main body of the board is fashioned from rich, solid walnut and (just) the tip is made out of solid maple. 

Keep in mind that just like people, no two pieces of wood are alike. Each board will flaunt its own unique grain pattern ‚Äď some may be straight grained, while others¬†will have grain that curves to one side or the other.¬†Each are perfect in my book. ūüėė

Made in limited runs, so grab yours today!

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