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"Cooper" Wedding Name Sign

"Cooper" Wedding Name Sign

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I developed the "Wedgewood" sign style as a gift for one of my best friends, Andrew, and his bride-to-be, Logan. I'd love to customize one for you or a loved one, too.

The most prominent feature of this sign is the rich, walnut veneer backing that gives it a rich, warm tone. It is uniquely cut with a mixture of rounded and squared corner details to give it a modern yet somewhat art deco aesthetic. The sign prominently features the married couple’s shared last name in a raised, gothic lettering style. The couple's first names are placed above the last name, separated by a seed of life symbol, in lieu of an ampersand. The wedding date is set in the same style as the last name for symmetry, below the last name at the bottom of the sign. The sign is finished with an oil-based varnish to enhance the warmth of the wood. The back of the sign is fitted with strong hanging hardware and felt pads to protect your wall once hung.

All text is customizable, but the typefaces for this sign are not. Your completed sign’s dimensions will vary depending on your name lengths, but it will be a approximately 20 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall. This sign, with its raised lettering, will be about 1 inch thick.

If you would like to order this sign for yourself or as a wedding gift for someone else, simply place your order and I will be in touch to collect details such as wedding date and the names.

Each is custom made to order, so please allow up to 4-5 weeks for it to be created, plus shipping.

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